100% Merino Wool First Layer (Youth)

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Merino wool is absolutely everything!

A technical fiber cherished in the world of sports and outdoor gear, it keeps you warm and dry without the bulk, and it feels so soft and comfy to wear!

You’ll discover a whole new taste for cold weather with this

high-performance product!
Entirely developed by L&P, our 100% merino wool base layers keep every urban adventurer warm and toasty.

They're perfect for taking swaddled-up babies on a sleigh ride, layering under an epic Halloween costume for trick-or-treating, or even hitting the slopes on a snowy day.

A must-have to savor the joys of winter with nothing holding you back.

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    A true NORTHERN company

    • 100% in merino wool.
    • Natural and breathable fiber offering an optimal comfort to your child, while regularising his temperature.
    • High quality product.
    • Effectively keeps your child dry and warm (does not keep humidity in).
    • Comfortable and soft for the skin (does not itch).
    • Perfect for outings/activities/outdoor sports (hiking, Halloween, skiing, etc.).
    • L&P exclusive.


    When washing your Merino, it is very important to set the temperature to cold water only (not lukewarm), avoiding any other items of natural fibers, such as wool per example. Velcros are also to be avoided in the same load as the technical article to prevent damaging the merino. The delicate or hand wash cycles of most washing machines are surprisingly programmed with lukewarm water. Therefore, you must manually change the temperature to "cold" to ensure this option. Some washing machines also have a “wool” cycle which ensures washing in cold water only. Flat drying in the open air without any heat source is very much recommended in order to keep your Merino in great condition. By doing so, your Merino will last and more importantly, stay efficient. 
    Tip: A washing bag is also recommended to help preserve your product.
    *Our warranty of our Merino sets covers only manufacturing defects related to material or production.

    A manufacturing defect is an anomaly resulting from the manufacturing process 
    and may compromise its integrity. It is visible before the use of the goods.

    Our warranty does not cover products that have been washed, overused or altered/damaged by external factors.