FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Q: What’s the delivery delay for my order?

A: Usually, the delivery takes between 24 and 72 hours after the purchase (business days) for big cities. It can take up to 1 or 2 more day(s) for remote areas. A 5 to 10 business days is to take in consideration for the deliveries during sales time. A tracking number is provided with each order.

Q: I made a mistake in my shipping address. How can I modify it?

A: In that kind of situation, it’s very important to contact us quickly in order to tell us the appropriate shipping address to associate with your purchase. You can join our customer service  from Monday to Friday, between 9 AM and 5 PM (closed everyday between 12 PM and 1 PM) at 1 866 415-5728 or at any time by email at : service@lpapparel.ca.

Q: How much does the shipping cost?  

A: The standard delivery by Canada Post is 8.95$ for every order below 99.00$ before taxes.  The delivery is free with orders over 99.00 before taxes. There is always the option to choose the 1 to 3 days delivery offered in most areas by Canada Post Express for 9.95$ or with Purolator for 12.95$ (some exclusions may apply).

Q: Which delivery company are you working with?

A: Your parcel will be sent to you by CANADA POST if you choose the standard or Express delivery.

*You can also choose 1 to 3 business days delivery, offered by PUROLATOR. Please note that this company drops your parcel directly at your doorstep. Thus, someone has to be home in order to pick up the package.

Q: Do you deliver to United-States and in Europe?

A: Yes, of course. We deliver WORLDWIDE.

*Additional fees may apply. Please refer to our delivery tab in the follow link:

Q: How can I follow my parcel?  

A: When you complete an online order, you receive an automatic confirmation of purchase email with your unique order number. Then, when your order is in process at our warehouse, you receive a second email with your Canada Post tracking number. Thus, you can follow your parcel once it is scanned by the carrier.

Q: I received a shipping confirmation saying that my parcel has been delivered to my house, but I didn’t get any package. What should I do? 

A: First of all, we invite you to check in your mailbox to find out if your parcel is in there or not. If not, we invite you to verify with the Canada Post Office in charge of your residential area if your parcel has been dropped there. 

If it seems that your package is lost, please contact us by email at: service@lpapparel.ca in order for us to forward a request to Canada Post. You can also join us by phone during our opening hours: 1 866 415-5728.



Q: Can I pick up my order at your warehouse?

A: Absolutely! To do so, you need to select the « warehouse pick up » option when proceeding to your order check out.

A member of our customer service team will make sure to call you once your order is ready to pick up and then you’ll be able to show up at our warehouse located on 527 Père-Daniel street in Trois-Rivières during our opening hours, which are from Monday to Friday between 9 AM to 5 PM (closed everyday between 12 PM and 1 PM).

Q: Can we come to your warehouse to buy and try on some items?  

A: No. The warehouse is not open to shopping or trying on clothes. You can try on our L&P products in store in our several actual points of sale.

Q: What are the warehouse opening hours?

A: Our warehouse is open from Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM (closed everyday between 12 PM and 1 PM) (EASTERN TIME)

*The warehouse is also closed on Holidays.


Q: What’s the warehouse address?

A: 527 Père Daniel street, Trois-Rivières, G9A 5Z7.



Q: Do you offer gift-certificates?

A: Absolutely! Digital L&P gift-certificates are available in our online store. You can choose the amount you would like to offer. Gift-certificates are issued by email the minutes following your purchase. You can print it or directly transfer it by email to the lucky person. There is no deadline associated to that product. 

To please your loved ones: https://lpapparel.ca/products/gift-card

Q: Is it possible to get a special invoice for a gift?

A: Yes. To do so, we invite you to contact us by email at: service@lpapparel.ca, or to call us during our opening hours at 1 866 415-5728 in order to get all the details.

Q: What’s the deadline to exchange or refund a product bought for a gift?

A: The maximum time to exchange or refund items bought for a gift is 1 month following the date of the online purchase (not to confuse with the date of reception).



Q: I completed my order, but I forgot to add some items. Can I add them?

A: Absolutely! To do so, we invite you to quickly contact us in order for us to tell our warehouse team to put your order on hold. Then, we’ll send you a free shipping promo code to complete a second order to add the items you want, without paying any shipping fees. After that, you have to contact us again to tell us your new online order number in order to ship your two purchases together.

Q: I made a mistake in my order. Can I modify it?  

A: It’s possible to modify your order if it is still available at our warehouse. Thus, you need to contact our customer service as soon as possible to verify if it’s possible or not to proceed to the modification.


Q: Is it possible to join two orders together in order to avoid to pay the shipping fees twice?

A: It’s possible to join two orders together. However, to do so, it’s very important to notify us as soon as possible to make sure that the first order hasn’t left our warehouse. If it did, the nit will be impossible to combine your orders.

Q: I received my parcel, but one of the items I ordered is missing (or is not the right size/color). How should I proceed to get the item initially ordered?

A: It’s very simple. You only have to send us a picture of the paper copy of the invoice received in your parcel and also one of the item you got by mistake, if that applies to you at the following email address: service@lpapparel.ca

Our team will be able to deal with the situation effectively with this information.



Q: I completed an online order recently at regular pricing and today, there is a new sale going on. Is it possible to apply that promotion to my order that I already paid?

A: No. As it is mentioned in our policy, the promotions are not applicable or transferable on previous purchases.  


Q: Is it possible to use two promo codes on the same order?

A: No. You can use only one promo code for each order.



Q: The item I wat is sold out. Will it be available again soon?  

A: In this kind of situation, we invite you to subscribe to our availability alert on the page of the item itself. You have to click on the red tab on the left of the page. By subscribing to it, this option allows you to be aware in priority by email of the return of the desired item, if it applies to it. Please note that there is nothing needed from you when subscribing, it’s only an informative tool.

*Subscribing to this alert does not confirm a future return of the item. Thus, we invite you to contact our customer service team if you wish to know precise details about the possible return of the product(s).


Q: I would like to exchange or return an item I bought online. How should I proceed?  

A: We invite you to look carefully at our return/exchange policy below in order to get all the appropriate details regarding your request.



Q: I sent you back my parcel for an exchange. When will it be processed?

A: As soon as your parcel is back at our warehouse, a 48h (business days) delay is to take in consideration for our team to process your request.


Q: When will I receive my refund?

A: As soon as your parcel is back at our warehouse, a 48h (business days) delay is to take in consideration for our team to process your request.

It’s important to note that a 2 to 5 business days delay in to take in consideration in order to see the refund appear on your account, depending of your bank.

Q: I would like a refund for an item I bought on sale. Is it possible?

A: As the items purchased during promotions time are final sale, a refund is not to consider. However, it’s possible to proceed to an exchange by paying for the delivery charges to our warehouse and for the return of your parcel to your home.

You can also do an exchange for free by showing up to our warehouse located in Trois-Rivières in order to exchange your item(s).

We invite you to read our return/exchange policy carefully in order to get all the appropriate details regarding final sale purchases: https://lpapparel.ca/pages/returns



Q: What are the cleaning instructions for the L&P products?

A: The cleaning process is different for each item. Thus, it’s very important to refer to the cleaning tags of each product in order to wash it properly and avoid any damages.  



Q: Do you offer discounts for twins or multiple births?  

A: Yes. A discount is offered to parents of twins or multiple kids under certain conditions. If that is your case, we invite you to contact us by private message (Facebook, Instagram or e-mail: service@lpapparel.ca) to receive the proper help for this situation. It will be a pleasure to assist you. 😊


Q: Are your products made in Canada?

A: All of our products are entirely created and developed in every detail by our L&P designer team (patterns, fabrics, logos, tags etc.). Then, they are made in several places across the world, according to our quality criteria and also responsibly (certified factories, human working conditions). You’ll find the production country on the tag of each product.

Research, development and appropriate tests related to our different items, including our technical products, are done in our L&P Apparel offices.

Exclusive collections creation from A to Z is the heart of our business.


Q: Why don’t you manufacture your collections in Québec or Canada?

A: Good question. Actually, the competences needed are simply non-existent in Québec and Canada regarding the whole manufacturing process for entirely developed and created products. In short, there are no factories located in Québec or Canada able to produce entire clothing and accessories collections of products completely developed beforehand from A to Z.



Q: I own a shop and I would like to offer your brand in my store. How should I proceed?

A: First of all, you need to send your request at the following email address, by making sure you mention the name of your store, the city in which it is and also the full name and the email of the person in charge.  


Your request will be read, and then forwarded to our brand representative. She will contact as soon as possible following your demand.  


Q: In which stores can I buy L&P Apparel items?

A: Our products are distributed in more than a hundred stores. We invite you to use our store locator in order find our L&P points of sale in your area. Here is the direct link: