Assert your personality. Stoke your inner fire. Let your instinct, strength, and vigor shine. Trust yourself. Dare and go for it. Push yourself beyond limits. Feel powerful. Impress. Brilliantly influence. Lift your head high. Persevere. Achieve. Feel alive. AFFIRM YOURSELF WITH STYLE.





A committed, involved, high-performing, human, welcoming, and passionate team. A team that sometimes makes mistakes, helps each other, forgives, grows, and succeeds. A team that thinks big and aims high. An ambitious and caring team.


It is about supporting each other. Creating. Innovating. Doing things differently. It's about taking something trivial and evolving it by developing its details, specificities, and exclusivity. It's about reflecting, analyzing, improving, and inventing. It's about daring. L&P is also about respect. Respecting people, agreements, commitments, others, internal culture, and the brand's essence. It's about cherishing and taking care of the brand's personality. L&P is about growing together. It's about being loyal to teammates, being aware of the impact of each action, and being altruistic. L&P is something greater. It's about creating opportunities to empower and directly touch people in their uniqueness and power.

L&P is about creating a sense of belonging. A community. It's about igniting the inner fire and instinct.

L&P is us and you.


Different and instinctive, their stride and head held high suggest complete freedom of expression and a peaceful soul in being who they are. Be proud, too, proud of being who you are, proud to wear your colors and display your personality. Be the lion inner you!

"Uniqueness is the strength of the whole."
- Audrey R., co-founder of L&P Apparel

Our misson

Make THE difference.

Make your identity shine. Preserve your personality. Fuel your confidence. Ignite your instinct.
Make a difference together. Create together. Journey together. Grow together.



Did you know that all our products are fully conceived, developed, and designed by our in-house creative team? With hard work and meticulous attention to detail, the entire development process of each of our products (such as our popular Boston cotton beanies or our hats with their size-adjustable brims, for example) has been carried out with the goal of innovation and offering our exclusive products to everyone, regardless of age or size.

All our fabrics are exclusively manufactured for the brand, just like each piece of the items we offer. Every detail, no matter how small, is carefully thought out and created by L&P to provide collections that are not only visually appealing but also of high quality, practical, unique, exclusive, well-designed, thoughtful, and technically suitable. Therefore, we cater to the needs surrounding daily and active life activities.