Washing instructions

It is very important to wash the Merino set in only cold water (and not lukewarm) avoiding any other item of natural fibers such as wool for example. Velcro should also be avoided in the same load as the technical item. The delicate or hand wash cycles of most washing machines are surprisingly programmed with lukewarm water. You must therefore manually change the temperature to "cold" to ensure this option. Some washers also offer the ''wool'' cycle which only washes with cold water. Drying flat and in the open air without any heat source is also to be used. By doing so, the product will remain intact.

A washing bag is also recommended for the preservation of the product.

*Our warranty on our Merino sets only covers manufacturing defects related to material or production.

A manufacturing defect is an anomaly resulting from the manufacturing process and which may jeopardize its integrity. This is visible before the use of the goods.
Our warranty does not cover products that have been washed, used excessively or altered/damaged by outside factors.