L&P has been involved in the cause of sick children for several years with great pride and big love.

Highlighting the strength of character, the inner power, the willingness, the perseverance and the immeasurable lion's instinct of these children and families who must face the mountains placed in their path, is the very foundation of our mission.

They are the perfect example of human strength.

Since every little donation counts, let's unite to move mountains!

A portion of the profits of all products in the 24h Tremblant X L&P Apparel collection will be donated to the cause.

Like thousands of other inspiring participants, we will be at Tremblant on December 10 and 11 for 24 hours of relay sports activities to raise money to support research and help sick children.

Will you be there too? 🤘

THANK YOU for making the difference! 🙏🏽