Assert its personality. Fanning its inner fire. Shining its instinct, strength, vigor.

Trusting yourself.
Daring and going for it.
Surpass itself.
Feeling powerful.
Influencing brilliantly. 
Look up. 
Be fulfilled.
Feeling alive.


Our team is driven, involved, efficient, human, welcoming, and passionate. We sometimes make mistakes, but we help one another, forgive, grow, and thrive. As a team, we look to the future and dream big. We’re an ambitious and good-natured bunch.


L&P is all about supporting one another. Creating. Innovating. Doing things differently. Taking something trivial to the next level by working on its details, its distinctive characteristics, and its exclusivity. We reflect, analyze, improve, and invent. We dare to be bold.
L&P is also all about respect. Respect for human beings, commitments, our neighbours, our in-house culture, and our purpose. It’s also a matter of respecting and fostering the brand’s personality. L&P is all about growing together, being loyal to your teammates, and recognizing the impact of every action you take. It’s altruism. L&P is something greater. We create opportunities to give people strength, to directly speak to their uniqueness and power.
L&P creates a sense of belonging, a community, while fuelling our inner fire and our instinct.
L&P is us, and L&P is you.

Did you know?

Absolutely all of our products are fully thought out, developed, and designed by our creative team. With hard work and incalculable attention to detail, the whole development of each of our products (our popular Boston cotton toques or our caps with their pallets adapted to each size, for example), was carried out with the goal of innovating and offering our exclusive products to everyone, regardless of their age or size. All our fabrics are made exclusively for the brand, like each piece of every collection we offer. Every detail, no matter how small, is thought out and created by L&P with the desire of offering collections that are not only visually highly appealing, but also high quality, useful, unique, exclusive, well thought out, adapted and technical. The needs of daily and active living are thus met.